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  • EDEKA - Bahnhofstraße / Elkierdamm, Sörup

    sold by Winters & Hirsch

  • Schumannstrasse 18, Berlin

    sold by Winters & Hirsch

  • Münzstrasse 14, 16, Berlin

    sold by Winters & Hirsch

  • Rohrdamm 7, Berlin

    valued by Winters & Hirsch

  • Linienstrasse 98, Berlin

    sold by Winters & Hirsch

  • Spreedreieck, Berlin

    sold by Winters & Hirsch

  • Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

    valued by Winters & Hirsch


    sold by Winters & Hirsch

  • REWE - Berliner Damm, Blankenfelde-Mahlow

    sold by Winters & Hirsch

We value real estate

across Germany and Europe in accordance with all national and international valuation standards.

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We sell real estate

We advise on residential and commercial real estate transactions in Berlin, Germany and worldwide.


We deal in value

Ethical and cultural values, fairness and respect for clients and business partners are particular concerns of ours.



An independent, owner-run real estate advisor, Winters & Hirsch is one of Berlin’s leading real estate firms. We stand for sophisticated and client-focused advice on real estate. Winters & Hirsch’s qualified and enthusiastic team, our in-depth market knowledge combined with management expertise guarantee tailor-made consulting.

  • Brokerage Services

    Since being established, Winters & Hirsch has specialised in advising investors, and brokering commercial real estate transactions. These include residential and retail buildings, retail properties, hotels, shopping centres as well as office and retail properties. Besides single asset transactions, we also advise on large, complex portfolios of various types.

    Among our clients are private individuals, institutional investors, globally operating finance investors as well as listed corporations. Whether advising buyers, sellers, property developers, banks or investors,
    Winters & Hirsch offers sophisticated, customised solutions to generate maximum value from a real estate transaction. The company’s management and staff have the profound expertise and long years of experience that it takes to assist clients with complex transactions.

    Profit optimisation and cost reduction, identifying possibilities of improvement as well as advice on legal aspects of real estate transactions are part of our day-to-day business.

  • Investment Advisory

    Drawing on our in-depth market knowledge and expertise in the field of investment advisory developed over the past 25 years, we are well prepared to provide innovative and individual transaction services to our national and international clients.

    We assist investors with the large, complex processes typical of the real estate industry, and we develop individual, successful transaction strategies for any scenario.

    A high level of transparency is needed in order for real estate investors to make informed investment decisions. To ensure this, Winters & Hirsch prepares the ground for each transaction through detailed and strategic planning. Market and location analyses, financing strategies and support with contract arrangements are key elements of this approach.

  • Valuation Advisory

    Winters & Hirsch is among Berlin’s leading property valuers with more than two decades of experience. Our team specialises in the valuation of high-quality residential, mixed-use residential and retail, office, commercial, retail, light industrial, logistics and hotel property, building land, shopping centres as well as large, complex residential and commercial portfolios across Germany.

    Property inspections, documentation and verification of data, analysis of rent rolls and contracts, analysis of comparable evidence as well as the consideration of technical, legal and tax due diligence results form the basis of each valuation. The right valuer is then chosen according to their particular expertise.

    Certified by HypZert under European standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024, our valuers have many years of professional experience and in-depth market knowledge.

    The entire valuation process at Winters & Hirsch is subject to strict quality management. We value real estate across Germany according to all national and international standards.

  • Communities of heirs and Restitution

    Since 1990, Winters & Hirsch has gained considerable expertise in the field of restitution. One of the first real estate firms in Berlin to deal with this complex issue, we have developed unique approaches to secure restitution under German Property Settlement Act [Vermögensgesetz] for our clients.

    We were able to assist numerous original owners and their heirs with the valuation and subsequent sale of their property, making Winters & Hirsch a competent partner for such complex real estate transactions at an early stage.

    The transaction service offered by Winters & Hirsch is individual and tailor-made to each client. Drawing on their in-depth market knowledge, our experts deliver well-substantiated strategies and recommendations.

Real estate advisors and valuers for more than 25 years